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Secure Nation Week in Review: 2/28

The launch and the days that followed were uplifting and motivating to our editorial team at Secure Nation this week. We wanted to bring together a community of active duty military and veterans, high-level academics and practicing national security professionals to further the conversations on national security, defense and civil-military affairs.

The feedback we have received thus far from the military blogosphere has been encouraging to say the least. I can’t begin to put into words how outstanding it feels to be embraced by the community and to contribute to the conversation that we all care about so deeply.

Galrahn over at Information Dissemination and Jules Crittenden were the first to feature us within posts, and Boston Maggie soon followed suit. Galrahn mentioned that we are a community of “Young Americans discussing public diplomacy, technology, and the military,” and he’s exactly right. I’ve met some exceptional people at Harvard, in the fleet and at the Naval Academy, and it was time to create a forum for them to share their thoughts.

Jules noted my promise that the blog “will run a full spectrum of political views.” He continued, “with a few posts up, it’s already headed that way with some thoughtful posts on variety of subjects and a submission form for anyone who wants to jump in.” Jules highlights a flagship feature of the blog: the opportunity for other veterans and security professionals to contribute.

We received our first guest post from Michael Segal at Advocates for ROTC, whose post on DADT policy has generated ample discussion thus far. We have a few more guest posts on the way this week as well.

We also received a positive feedback over at Solomonia, EagleSpeak, and American Power. Most of our discussion centered on civil-military affairs and emerging technology this past week, and we expect to continue that discussion well into this week while introducing a couple articles on the use of private contractors in a warzone.

Thank you for your support of Secure Nation thus far. Please feel free to make suggestions about what you would like to see in the future and how we can improve to better serve the community.