Harvard Gets Its Horn On

Horns from the Harvard Museum

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It’s a far cry from allowing ROTC on campus, but there are signs of sociological advancement at Harvard Yard, where they are celebrating the role that testosterone-fueled male aggression plays in the propagation and defense of species. They’re even encouraging boys to come and explore their … uh … inner horn.

It’s all about horns at the Harvard Museum of Natural History! Boston Herald:  

The Harvard Museum of Natural History’s latest exhibit gives new meaning to the word “horny.”

“The idea is that males use these to battle other males for access to females so they can sire more offspring,” said curator of mammals Hopi Hoekstra of the Horns & Antlers exhibit. “The elaborate shape and size suggests they’re primarily used in sexual selection, but there can be a component that they’re used in natural selection or defense against predators.”

What’s a kid to think?

“Daddy wants a Mommy. I think the very basic idea that males want access to females to find a mate is something pretty young kids can understand,” said Hoekstra, who chuckled as testosterone-fueled footage of male deer butting heads played on a TV. “I think there’s definite potential to appeal to young boys especially.”

Sheesh, what next? “Daddy wants a Mommy” … sounds like hate speech. How’d that one get past the PC police? Someone must have dropped something in the latte over there.

Horns are great. Remind me to tell you about the time in the Great North Woods when I watched a stand-off between two bull moose over a nearby female. Also witnessed the XXX part. Very powerful display of the forces of nature, from the dopey death stare of a mature bull moose with a full rack facing down a whiney nub-horned adolescent … no real contest … and the great crescendo of nature’s glory, with urgent moose noises. All about 30 feet in front of my lean-to at Chimney Pond at the foot of Katahdin.

Moving on, someone should tell Harvard about guns and the important role they play in the hands of both men and women even to this day in the ageold struggle vs. tyranny and oppression, creating conditions conducive to individual freedom of expression, free enterprise, that kind of thing, and thwarting threats to same. History’s great pageant continues to unfold to this very day. Could make a great exhibit or even an academic training program, in real-life cooperation with the United States military. There’s a definite potential to appeal to young men and women who care about freedom, national security and making a difference in the world, that kind of thing. Imagine if the world’s greatest university actually chose to contribute.*

* Harvard has not allowed ROTC on campus since 1968. Originally, due to opposition to efforts to keep international communism from swallowing entire countries. More recently, Harvard has shunned the military due to the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy re homosexuals that was enacted as law by the Clinton administration and a Democratic Congress.

(Don’t get me started on Harvard’s selective observance of this nation’s laws. Re military service, Harvard has insisted on shirking civic duty despite a dire threat to the nation from the kind of people who hang homosexuals and would subject Harvard liberals at a minimum to the dhimmi tax, if not gleefully beheading them. It’s weird, and perhaps worthy of many doctoral dissertations on enlightened lack of self-interest.)

Harvard, though it has had no problem taking ROTC stipends, requires its ROTC cadets to hoof it to MIT and Boston University, though recently the universty has agreed to allow bigshot military celebs like Gen. David Petraeus on campus for commissioning ceremonies with grudging peacenik invocations and thinly disguised anti-war speechifying.

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